Anticorrosive tape

BC Petro Tape is composed with synthetic fabric, filled with a petrolatum compound, inert fillers and special anti-corrosion agents for the protection of pipes, valves, flanges,couplings, pilings and other steel structures. This product offers excellent protection against corrosion and creates a solid water barrier. BC Petro Tape has good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts.



  • Conforms to irregular surfaces.
  • Great efficiency with easy applications and short working times.
  • No changes in quality under extremely low temperature (270ºC).
  • No cracking and hardening. Contains no solvents.
  • Can be applied to cold and wet surfaces.
  • Encapsulates lead paints.



  • Hydraulic pipes.
  • Cable lines.
  • Steel pilings or marine structures.
  • Underground pipes or tanks.
  • Valves, flanges, elbow and tees.
  • Complex steel structures in piers, buildings, factories and other facilities.



Impa Code Width Length Rolls/Box
812471 50mm 10mtr 36
812472 100mm 10mtr 18
812473 150mm 10mtr 12