REALSEAL® Hatch cover tape is composed of PVC backing and a rubberized mastic reinforced by woven polyester.

Hatch cover tapes




REALSEAL® Hatch cover tape is specifically designed to provide excellent watertight seal capable of withstanding all kind of weather and sea conditions. Ensures that all cargos will be protected from sea water as hatch covers are insufficient to keep goods from unpredictable weather.




Can also be used in tank covers, weather deck doors and metal pipe protection from cathodic and corrosion conditions.



Available Size (Strips type):



Impa Code Impa Code Impa Code Size
232462 232461 232472 T-5MM X 100MM X 100CM  30STRIPS
232473 232469 232476 T-5MM X 150MM X 100CM  30STRIPS


Available Size (Roll type):


Impa Code Thickness Width Length Rolls/Box
232451 2mm 75mm 20mtr 4
232452 2mm 100mm 20mtr 3
232453 2mm 150mm 20mtr 2
 – 2mm 300mm 20mtr 1