ADMIRALTY nautical paper publications are internationally recognised for their accuracy and excellence by mariners around the globe.

Publications and Reference Guides

  • Sailing Directions
  • List of Lights and Fog Signals
  • List of Radio Signals
  • Tide Tables
  • Mariner’s Handbook (NP100)
  • Ocean Passages for the World (NP136)
  • ECDIS and ENC Reference Publications
  • General Publications and Reference Guides

Astronomical Publications

  • The Nautical Almanac
  • Miscellaneous Astronomical Publications

Miscellaneous Tidal Publications

  • Manual of Tides (NP120)
  • Tidal Handbooks (NP122)
  • Tidal Stream Atlases

Notices to Mariners

ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners are weekly updates that provide bridge crews with the latest safety-critical navigational information. 

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British Admiralty Standard Navigational Charts  

Admiralty standard nautical charts comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations and are ideal for professional, commercial and recreational use. Charts within the series consist of a range of scales, useful for passage planning, ocean crossings, coastal navigation and entering port. 
Mariners should always use the largest scale nautical chart appropriate to their needs. In particularly busy seaways such as the English Channel, Gulf of Suez and the Malacca and Singapore Straits, the standard nautical charts are supplemented by mariner's routeing guides which provide advise on route planning in these complex areas.


Other Charts

Besides British Admiralty Charts we offers also:

  • Netherlands - Dutch chrts,
  • Norwegian charts,
  • German charts,
  • Denmark charts,
  • Egyptian Charts - Suez


Up to date

All our standard charts are corrected to the latest received Notices to Mariners.

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